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Big Data

At DPS with the combination of the power of Big Data and our expertise we help you make more accurate predictions, understand the phenomenon and produce actionable insight. Big data initiatives is a serious activity in our organization. We concentrate on specific problems during our client’s journey towards big data empowerment.

Big Data Services & Solutions That We Offer

Personalised Data Analytics Services

A comprehensive toolkit of big data analytics services geared towards converting data in several formats to useable insight to drive your company into the future.

ETL Services (Extraction, Transformation, Loading)

ETL is an essential part of today’s business intelligence (BI) processes and systems. Collect data from several different sources to analyse and discover business insights.

Big Data Consultancy

Provide direction for the technical architecture capacity planning and performance. We recommend the best solution architecture and assist you in choosing the best technology stack from a variety of possibilities.

Big Data Implementation

Data modeling and algorithm development. We normally recommend an iterative strategy, which allows us to tailor big data solutions to our customers’ specific business requirements.

Big Data Testing & Provisioning

Data staging starts with a big data cluster, which may be on-premise or in the cloud.

Enterprise Metrics Management

Understand and manage Enterprise Metrics better using quantifiable measures derived from big data. We help you track and asses the performance of a specific business process.

Event Monitoring

Event monitoring yields useful information for assessing organisational usage trends and user behaviour. You can integrate event log data with your back-end storage.

Regular and Ad Hoc Reporting

Generate both regular and ad-hoc reports. You can use BI for monthly or annual performance evaluations or answer specific business questions as the situation calls for it.

ERP Data Warehousing Services

Data warehousing services for ERPs to extract data from disparate sources, clean it, and organise it for aggregated and comparison analysis to enable business decisions.

Performance Management Solutions

Performance management solutions that help businesses understand their employees’ performance and productivity to manage compensation and career planning better and align them with company goals.

Data Migration and Integration

Innovative solutions to help businesses surmount the complexities of successful data migration and integration. Streamline the processes end-to-end to ensure quick and painless data migration.

Big Data Infrastructure Set-Up & Support

Set-up and support services for Big Data infrastructure to ensure optimal performance in any situation. We help you achieve the best utilisation of resources.

Why Choose DPS As Your Big Data Solutions Partner

We solve big data challenges for our clients to help them become a candid digitalized business. Our big data consulting services encompass big data strategy, real time big data processing services, machine learning, data platform management, and analytics solutions. As we believe that every business can become a data-driven business, we help you implement a comprehensive big data strategy and shine the spotlight on big data analytics solutions by offering the best in Big Data, with a robust integrated framework for analysing data and deriving actionable insight.As one of the best Big Data services company, we have a wide range of expertise and experience working with numerous emerging technologies and tools. Our Big Data consulting services team can help you build and maintain solutions for Big Data management on any platform you require.

Services for data integration

Highly compatible database technology

Individualised access control

Web portal customisation

User-role specific dashboards for visualisation

Download adjustable reports

Automate scheduling and email circulation of reports

Secure public cloud services

Comprehensive archiving for all types of data

Robust architecture for data offloading functions

Storage, control and protection of data

BI and Discovery self-service facilitation

Tactics roadmap and strategy development

Evaluation of tools and prototypes

Data Integration, access and services

Facilitating construction and Go-Live technology

Data Ingestion in real-time

Adaptable Data Processing and Storage services

Automatic alerts, analytics and dashboards

How At DPS We Implement Big Data For Your Organization The Right Way

Analyze Business Requirement

As an initial step one should be aware of what will the big data tools be used for. This can be determined by your business requirements. In order understand all the business requirements throughly all the requirements needs to be gathered and analyzed. Resultiing in aligning all the big data projects to a specific business need.

Agile Implementation

Agile and iterative techniques in implementation deliver quick solutions based on the extend needs. In the layman terms business agility is the inherent capibility to respond to changes rapidly. Throughout the implementaion of the big data you’ll notice how the requirments of an organization will evolve according to the better understanding.

Business Decision Making

The data analytics solutions have to be tailor-made for your business rather than being general. Tailor-made business-centric solutions will help you achieve the results that you are looking for.

Make Use of the Data You Have

A key thing that many organizations need to do is understanding the potential of the data they already have. One of the reasons why this is essential is to keep up with the ever-increasing competition out there. You already have an edge if you make use of the existing data in your organization. This is a key business decision that you need to make.

Don’t Abandon Legacy Data Systems

Abandoning expensive legacy data systems that you may already have in place may be a big mistake. Relational database management solutions will not end their race soon, just because a new smarter kid is in the block. Although RDBMS may be erstwhile, the cost of complete abandonment may be large enough to render it unnecessary.

Evaluate the Data Requirements Carefully

A complete evaluation of data that your organization gathers on a daily basis is essential, even if big data implementation is not in your immediate business plan. A stakeholder meet that clearly consolidates everyone’s opinion is necessary in this.

Approach It From the Ground Up

One key thing that you should not forget is it’s nearly impossible to tackle an entire organization’s data in one shot. It’s better to go at it in a granular way, gradually incorporating data in sets and testing thoroughly the efficiency of implementation. Taking too much data in the first step itself will yield unreliable results or cause a complete collapse of your setup.

Set Up Centers of Excellence

In order to optimize knowledge transfer across your organization, tackle any oversights, and correct mistakes, set up a center of excellence. This will also help share costs across the enterprise. One key benefit of setting up centers of excellence is that it will ensure the maturity of information architecture in a systematic way.