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eTAMS – Time And Attendance Managment System

Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS) is a time and attendance monitoring system aimed at setting up a foolproof system based on the fingerprint identification technology. The system typically records employee details such as time of their arrival and departure apart from maintaining relevant information regarding the employees and their department, shifts, location, leaves status etc. The user-friendly device and software eliminates paperwork and time spent in tracking employees.

Key Features:

Manage Attendance

HR can manage employees’ attendance on daily, monthly and annual basis and can view attendance log as per their requirements i.e. as by date, employee name etc

Daily Attendance

HR can keep a track of the employees by viewing daily attendance which can be sorted w.r.t department, date or employee id’. Furthermore, hardcopy of the attendance can by attained by utilizing the print option.

Monthly Attendance

HR can view monthly attendance record via specifying criteria. By default, attendance for the current month will be viewed, but user can also retrieve attendance summary of:

    • Particular dates through specifying “Dates” in the “By Date” section
    • Any month through specifying the month in “By month” section
    • Selecting any department
    • Selecting any employee name

Attendance Log

It will show the attendance log of employee for the present day that is directly connected with fingerprint identification machine.

Manage Leaves

HR can manage employees’ leaves on daily and monthly basis. Employees leave forms record is maintained along with their availed and pending leaves statuses.

Employee’s Leave Inbox

Employees can submit their leave request to HR department. Leaves are delivered to HR Inbox and they can view leave requests ‘Department wise’ and ‘Date wise’.

Access Reader Administration Server (ARAS)

ARAS is able to manipulate the reader devices in real time using the following information:

    • Device Name
    • IP Address
    • Admin Login
    • Password
    • Protocol