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Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

Digital Processing Systems offers best-of-breed event-driven architecture (EDA) consultancy and support services to solve growing business complexities with the growing capabilities of the digital sector. See how we implement Apache Kafka real-time data technology for accelerated business outcomes.

Event Driven Architecture


High throughput, scalability, agility, resilience, cloud-enabling, data sharing, speed and efficiency—the new-age digital leaders have mastered these much-needed capabilities to be more agile and competitive.

The Compelling Need For Event-Driven Architecture

EDA-based architectures are ideal for business agility and moving quickly in today’s fast-paced modern digital sector, establishing quick connections between systems, processes, applications, building resilient next-generation enterprise applications.

Value Proposition

DPS has extensive experience working on event-driven architectures for multiple developments and integration models. We have successfully delivered integration projects and implemented EDA models through our long-standing EDA knowledge.

Transform Your Strategies And Vision Into Real-Time Solutions Using Apache Kafka For Event-Driven Architecture And Design

Benefits Of Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

Although not a new digital transformation approach, EDA has come to the spotlight after its massive cross-platform systems, application development and integration utility. EDA detects, absorbs and responds to events, which means it analyses and evaluates how events occur, happen, change and transform throughout your business operations in real-time for accelerated best actions. CTOs and digital leaders prefer implementing EDA to automate, modernize and bring intelligence into business applications, systems, networks, operations and processes.

The fundamental goal of EDA is to enable your systems and applications to identify and analyze events based on opportunities, patterns and threats and generate an equal response to them beforehand or immediately afterwards. Some of the Benefits of EDA include:

Greater Operational Efficiency

The ‘loose coupling’ and ‘distributed system’ features enable seamless and cost-effective operations. We help you implement EDA for greater operational efficiencies without affecting the layering.

Improved Competitive Advantage

It’s every organization’s dream and desire to achieve a competitive edge and respond effectively and quickly to changing circumstances and markets. EDA combines and connects data-pattern identification with automatic notifications and alerts to the right people for the right purpose, enabling businesses to make better-informed operational decision in real-time.

Better Scalability And Fault Tolerance

EDA is a highly-scalable because it’s deployed or implemented through loosely-coupled, fault-tolerant and distributed architecture. This means that if one software component or node fails or stops working, another will immediately come to life to support the system or application to keep running. EDA wouldn’t let the whole system crash down, giving organizations peace of mind and enough room to handle and fix the issue later.

More Robust Information

The real-time recording or events from sources such as IoT devices, linked networks, systems and applications allow enterprises to access all the data and context they need to make better-informed decisions most suitable for the business.

Increased Versatility

The nonlinear and asynchronous aspects of event-driven architecture (EDA) makes systems and application more adaptable. Since software components (services) can operate and function independently, components couple and decouple into networks easily and can be re/used multiple times.

Forecasting Functionality

Event-driven Architecture (EDA) can bring intelligence to business applications, systems, networks, operations and processes. It is programmed and optimized to use real-time analytics, allowing businesses to identify data patterns that predict events and prepare a response. This means, through insights, analytics and pre-emotivity, EDA businesses can make massive improvements to their customer experience management.

Delivering State Of The Art Kafka Based Solutions To Improve Project Development And Integration At Speed And Scale

Services Offering

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is the most-widely-used open-source real-time stream-processing technology for accumulating, storing, evaluating data at scale. We help you leverage this software’s expected benefits as it is known for its remarkable performance, high throughput, fault tolerance and low latency features. It is quite powerful and capable of handling and managing tens of thousands of messages per second. Using this robust and high-value platform, we help every data-focused digital sector leverage real-time data streams, building data pipelines, enabling data integration and operational metrics across infinite sources. We help enterprises to be upscale and modernize their data-centric strategies with even streaming architecture through this trusted tool.

Kafka Streams

Kafka stream is a client-oriented library for writing and building mission-critical apps and microservices, where the input and output data and information are stored in Kafta clusters. It combines the power and simplicity of writing, developing and deploying standard Scala and Java applications on the client-side with Kafka’s server-side cluster technology advantages. Kafka stream is elastic, fault-tolerant and highly scalable and can be deployed to Cloud, containers, bare metal and VMs. It doesn’t require any separate processing and can be developed on Linux, Mac and Windows. On top of everything, it is fully integrated with Kafka security and equally viable for small-scale, medium-scale and large scale use cases.


We offer end-to-end Apache Kafka big data consultancy services and solutions to enterprises worldwide, seeking highly-scalable, event-driven architecture to build and integrate real-time applications and systems.

Apache Kafka Consulting

We provide 360-degree Apache Kafka consulting to help businesses build and deploy real-world next-gen big data apps

Apache Kafka Application Development and Deployment

We have long-lasting experience in developing and deploying Apache Kafka-based real-time enterprise

Apache Kafka Implementation

Our Kafka experts have deep-rooted experience in solving enterprise processing and data streaming

Apache Kafka Integration

Our integration expertise extends beyond simple data and application integration to Apache Kafka integration to support any

Apache Kafka Support And Managed Services

We provide 24*7 Apache Kafka support and managed services to help enterprises meet their complex business and

Apache Kafka Professional Services

Our Apache Kafka experts have honed their skills to solve top-level complexities that may arise in a business while

Choosing your Kafka project–Apache Kafka-based projects extend across:

Real-Time Streaming Applications

Data Monitoring

Real-Time Streaming Data Pipelines

Log Aggregation

Event Sourcing

Stream Processing

Tools, Technology & Platform


RabbitMQ is a messaging-queueing application that gives your apps a common platform to send/receive messages and keep your messages secure until received. Many web developers like RabbitMQ because of its useful features, plugins, development tools, libraries and instructions. Its cross-platform compatibility with Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, Spring, Go, Elixir, Swift, Objective-C, Javascript and many other technologies suitable for messaging protocols and many programming languages. It can also be used in different cloud environments and operating systems and can scale tens of thousands of messages per second.

Apache ActiveMQ

It is a message-oriented middleware that sends and transmits messages between applications. It allows ‘loose coupling’ of elements or components in an IT environment through standards-based, asynchronous communication. Active MQ is foundational to enterprise messaging and distributed applications.

Apache Zookeeper

It is an open-source Apache-based project that provides a highly centralized service for providing synchronization, naming, configuration information and group services over large clusters in distributed systems. The ultimate goal is to coordinate the clusters/broker topology and make distributed systems easier to manage and synchronize with improved, more reliable propagation of changes.


It is an open-source, reliable and scalable data exploration and visualization tool used for log and application monitoring, time-series analytics and operational intelligence use cases. It offers powerful yet easy-to-use features such as pie charts, histograms, heat maps, line graphs and built-in geospatial support.

Elastic Search

It is an open-source, extremely powerful and highly scalable analytics and full-text search engine. It allows you to hold, store, search, evaluate and analyze volumes of datasets quickly, efficiently and in near real-time. It is an ideal engine or technology for applications with multi-faceted search features and requirements.