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Internet of Things

Digital Processing Systems help business deploy IoT models, frameworks, infrastructures seamlessly. Shift your business technology to change the fate of your company with our proficient IoT services across all business domains.

Delivering Secure, Robust And Future-Proof Digital Foundation For Your Next IoT Project

Digital Processing Systems provides best-in-class IoT services and solutions to navigate the incoming digital storm influenced by IoT, emerging new technologies, digital disruptions, unique computing devices and more. We work as an intermediary and bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds to create a digitally connected smart ecosystem that delivers value at every step forward. We help businesses create new IoT-focused business models, revamp existing IT and business infrastructures and fuel higher efficiency using the right IoT-enabling platforms, technologies, methodologies and frameworks.

Create New business Models And Fuel Higher Levels Of Efficiency With Our IoT Solutions And Services

What Constitutes This Service

From households to enterprises, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become conventional in all walks of life. Unlocking the fully-packed potential requires corporations to understand never-ending prospects for value-added activities and systematically handle underlying challenges. We are proud to deliver inspired IoT powered solutions. By combining IoT information with cognitive computing, you can use valuable insights to emerge with innovative and modern business models.

At Digital Processing Systems, we empower organizations to incorporate the appropriate sensors and derive inspired insights to opt for the best-fit platform. To effectively manage connected devices’ complications, we follow a holistic approach to connect all dots and possible tools and devices, aiding us to get closer to the valuable information. When the device is connected, we understand what corporate intelligence can acquire and how to establish and distribute the picture-perfect plan.

These connections come up with information that can be used to create the ultimate user experience. We generalize the ecosystem in the best way possible. Forward-looking organizations highly prefer using emerging technologies to transform their business procedures and meet the required demands and opportunities. By using fundamental corporate mechanisms combined with groundbreaking competencies, companies can genuinely outpace change.

We connect everything and everyone in the smarter world! (CTA)

Make Breakthrough Digital Transformation Using Right Platforms, Methodology And Frameworks

Potential Benefits Of
IoT Services Offered By DPS

Connect and Scale-Up Efficiency

Evaluate The Massive Amount of Data

Incorporate and Transform Business Procedures

Enhanced Decision-Making with Augmented Intelligence

Design, Create, Incorporate, Deploy and Manage End-To-End IoT Practices

Perfectly Integrate IoT Solutions with Current Enterprise Architecture

DPS’ IoT Solutions—The Cornerstone Of Intelligent Operations

Top Types Of Conversational AI Chatbots

Define The Right IoT Landscape

We plan a detailed IoT program customized to corporate requirements. A well-structured approach is followed to comprehend the business strategy and offer instant ramp-up and explore top-of-the-line solutions.

Customized Strategy

We help our customers reaching their ultimate business goals with an all-inclusive understanding of the nature and influence of transformational technologies. Mapping out digital capabilities, we discover how IoT can drive business.

Move To The Cloud

LoT and Cloud complement one another. Considering the massive amount of data produced by IoT devices, these solutions offer the perfect infrastructure to scale up and maintain high-end services immediately.

Leverage Real-Time Data

Asset tracking requires that businesses worldwide collect important data that needs to be processed and evaluated in real-time.

Ensure IT And OT Integration

Companies make sure that IoT devices are correctly incorporated, especially when it comes to tracking devices and applications, including both fixed and mobile.

Tracking And Tracing

Our IoT-Enabled Asset Tracking and Tracing solutions make it super-easy to track and trace business assets and catalog in real-time remotely. We enable your organization to cut down costs and improve operations.


We deliver innovative implementations, solution guidelines and accelerators to speed up development and deployment while ensuring the perfect integration of IoT applications.


We provide continuing maintenance and support to ensure a well-organized IoT – combined operations platform, organization information, process management and constant improvements.

Revolutionize Your Business And Processes With Connected IoT Solutions


DPS Center of Excellence empowers successful digital transformation journeys through best-in-class IoT services and solutions. We empower these journeys through our excellence and experience in IoT technologies, Big Data, Analytics, the Cloud, high-scale connectivity, computing, conversational Artificial Intelligence and much more. Every IoT solution we provide is purpose-built and designed to perform.

Our high-value IoT-based services and solutions help you gain a competitive advantage through superior technical brilliance in development, design and deployment. Our IoT solutions transform your business’s service quality, deliver exceptional customer experiences, boost enterprise productivity, generate new revenue streams, ensure higher ROI by all means, manifest cost-effectiveness and more.

DPS provides a full suite of IoT services and solutions, including IoT consulting, IoT Software Enhancement, IoT acceleration, Full-cycle IoT development, IoT analytics, IoT Integration, User app development and more.

loT Consulting

We make a comprehensive analysis of your IoT needs, requirement and end-user purpose it intends to serve. A 360-degree evaluation makes us fully aware of how IoT will impact your business. We help you shape your digital strategy, develop the right execution plan and effectively capitalize on the full potential of IoT by turning valuable data insights and analytics into new business models, revenue streams and seamless customer experiences. In short, we provide a successful route to the digital transformation journey and roadmap to success. Our IoT Consulting services extend beyond identifying business processes, defining technology requirements and outlining problem statements.

IoT Software Enhancement

Keeping up with existing IoT infrastructure, new and advanced network systems is a tricky job. While the future with intelligent technologies may look fancy and equally exciting, they require many efforts and performance-centered improvements to stay agile and fully functional. Our IoT experts with sound engineering knowledge leverage their expertise to fine-tune your existing IoT platforms or custom IoT software solutions to meet new business needs, requirements and objectives. Our efficient IoT software enhancement services allow you to meet your performance-oriented goals at par and beyond.

IoT Acceleration

Our efficient time-to-market capabilities make us a top choice in the global IoT services industry. We speed up your IoT solution development and fast-track your development efficiency using industry-leading IoT accelerators and leveraging high-end IoT acceleration wisdom. We manage end-to-end device connectivity based on predetermined situations, development scenarios.

Full-Cycle IoT Development

We design and develop end-to-end IoT solutions using our extensive domain expertise and utilizing our unique technologies, partner products/software/ programs. We provide a full suite of IoT development to global clients, onboarding a digital transformation journey. Our IoT development solutions are unique and built to perform. We undergo a dynamic, full-cycle IoT development processes covering all stages of your digital transformation, from initial idea conceptualization to ready solution and beyond.

IoT Analytics

Our advanced IoT analytics services help you take a giant leap towards a successful digital transformation. Our IoT analytic experts help you unlock the full potential of real-time data and help you put that AI-driven data to generate credible predictions and actionable insights. Our extensive experience and skillset in Artificial Intelligence (AI) drive action-oriented results, which help you formulate the right IoT strategy for your business.

IoT Integration

IoT system integration is pivotal for companies undergoing a digital transformation, enabling their existing digital product portfolios, systems, infrastructures and legacy equipment to perform optimally at all stages of the digital transformation journey. We integrate IoT-based hardware, software, OS, middleware, drivers and applications across mobile, web and desktop platforms. We deliver maximum value across your IoT solutions and initiatives by cross-examining and ensuring your software platform compatibility with current infrastructures, systems and legacy equipment.

User App development

We are living in a digital era of high-utility products, services, applications and software. Exploring the data your devices provide, managing them on the go is a dream of every individual since it offers greater connectivity, supervision, efficiency and control. Our IoT experts know the significance of personalized user apps and how they can turn into real business value. We provide unique and high-performing web applications and native mobile user apps powered by an intelligent UX.

Mobile Apps For IoT Devices

Mobile application development and IOT go hand-in-hand and their sync can prove to be a deadly combination for businesses of all sizes and scales. We provide high-performing smart apps for IoT devices to help you capitalize on potential productivity gains linked with bringing IOT-centric devices and mobile apps into a dynamically connected sphere. We provide all kinds of mobile apps for IoT devices, from personalized mobile apps to device-specific apps and beyond.

We design and deliver state-of-the-art native and cross-platform mobile applications that can help supervise your performance captured by smart devices easily, flexibly and stress-free. They will help facilitate seamless on-the-go access and work as a remote tool for IoT-centric solutions. Our mobile apps for IoT devices unlock massive growth opportunities in home automation, healthcare and fitness, retail and supply chain management, automotive, logistics, social network experience optimization and more.

Custom IoT Product Development

Customization always leads to personalized user experiences. We provide custom IOT product development solutions that help you reduce overheads and operational costs, create additional revenue streams and increase your business efficiency, productivity and performance. We develop IoT products, software and solutions by tactfully evaluating all hardware and software functionality requirements and bottom line.

IoT Dashboard

IoT dashboard is a control panel that gives a complete synopsis of the data captured, transmitted, or transferred by network-connected devices. From configuring IoT devices, managing IoT systems remotely to analyzing sensor data via BI tools, monitoring and controlling specific assets, processes beyond.

Edge Computing

5G wireless and other similar networking technologies are developing the case for edge computing. This technology transforms how data is being handled, organized, controlled, processed, managed and delivered to and from millions of smart devices worldwide. We ensure quicker data offloading time and reduce latency rates and bandwidth use by executing Edge Computing on the Internet of things (IoT) devices instead of mainstream cloud computing.

Delivering State-Of-The-Art Digital Transformation Success Through Smart IoT Solutions

IoT Data Flow Stages We Cover

Accelerate Your RPA Journey And Process Transformation With Robust IoT Solutions

Why DPS For The Internet of Things
(IoT) Solution?

Vast AI And ML Skillset

We have extensive experience across all AI and ML technology elements that help us develop computer algorithms to eliminate risks and predict future events. Our robust mathematical knowledge, R&D capabilities and scientific wisdom in AI and ML technologies enable us to create state-of-the-art IoT solutions that help leverage a positive impact on your customers and drive unique business value by all means.

IoT Center Of Excellence

Our seasoned IoT experts work round-the-clock and go beyond their standard operating procedures to find a solution to your business-critical issues and requirements. We remove all the project roadblocks that can influence the outcome of your project.

Transparent Communication

We establish seamless and effective communication across the entire value chain throughout the project lifecycle. Our transparency in communication will make you fully aware of job and IoT development progress.

Ingenious UI/UX designers

We establish seamless and effective communication across the entire value chain throughout the project lifecycle. Our transparency in communication will make you fully aware of job and IoT development progress.

Flexible IoT Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are flexible and highly centric to customer needs and expectations. We believe in valuing our clients through easy and stress-free terms and conditions. We give realistic project completion timelines without locking or confining you up in long-term contracts. We bring value to each project’s stage and establish lasting ties with our clients.

Flexible IoT Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are flexible and highly centric to customer needs and expectations. We believe in valuing our clients through easy and stress-free terms and conditions. We give realistic project completion timelines without locking or confining you up in long-term contracts. We bring value to each project’s stage and establish lasting ties with our clients.

Quick Turnaround Time

We prioritize your project requests by quickly assessing and examining its requirements across various verticals to give you an idea of how a project shall proceed, its estimated cost, its realistic timeline and more. Our quick turnaround time approach makes a visible difference in determining your IoT-centric project scope and limitations.

Fast-Track IoT Implementation

Once the IoT project scope gets finalized after a detailed project analysis, we quickly get down to its implementation, from rapid development, design, deployment and whatever comes in between. Our multi-domain IoT experts kick-start your project right away, without having you to wait for months.

Unbiased IoT Assistance

We believe in giving merit-based IoT consulting and advice focused on your strategic goals and business outcomes. Our completely impartial, unbiased assistance across all IoT offerings empowers your mind and helps you make the right choices to automate and accelerate your IoT transformation journey.

Infinite IoT Support

We believe in bolstering lasting relationships with our potential and privileged clients. Our lifetime support against all our ‘closed’ projects testifies that all projects we build and develop are built to perform, state-of-the-art and comprehensive. We provide non-stop support for all our IoT solutions.

High-Performing IoT Solutions For Next-Level Business Efficiency

IoT Segments DPS Work With

DPS helps you take a giant leap forward towards robust digital transformation with smart products, innovative IoT solutions and new experiences. We help enterprises across all industries become more agile, adaptive to evolving future technologies and unlock the real business value of connected devices. Our IoT experts help organizations achieve efficiency through data-rich software solutions built through harnessing the right IoT technology stack. IoT segments we work with are Smart City and consumer IoT and more.

Smart Cities Solutions

At DPS, we create smart products, more livable communities and connected experiences to tackle urban challenges growing at an unprecedented rate. We infuse your city’s infrastructure with digital analytics and intelligence to create and deliver custom-tailored software solutions that make cities safer, secure, more comfortable and sustainable. Our experience in location-based services, IoT, cloud computing, data analytics and intelligence helps us create robust software solutions centered on your city administration’s evolving needs and requirements.

We believe in the effective management of city operations, reinforcing people in communities by bringing visible improvement and adding real value to their everyday lives. We help city administrations and local governments integrate new and legacy infrastructures into a more connected holistic system.

IoT Smart Cities Solutions DPS Implement


Facilities Management


Utilities Management


Waste Management


Public Sector


Urban Mobility


Street Lightening

Consumer IoT Development

The world is shifting towards adopting and implementing newer trends and technologies for enhancing their digital landscape. Our Consumer IoT Development is a relatively more modern consumer-focused technology that makes huge waves in digital transformation and helps organizations move towards agile products with embedded intelligence from traditional products. We leverage IoT, advanced analytics and intelligence to help companies reinvent consumer products and exert convenient monitoring and control. We help them gather information on consumer-centric interactions with these consumer IoT products to ensure higher retention rates and deliver a fantastic user experience.

We Cover The Following Segments In Consumer IoT Software Development

Connected Cars

We develop state of the art IoT-based solutions for cars and the automotive industry. We help improve the in-care experience, deliver market-trending vehicle features and enable seamless cross-platform upgrades and beyond.

Smart Homes

We provide all-comprehensive IoT-based home automation solutions to create a consolidated smart home experience across all smart home components that can be central controlled from one single point. The list of ingredients includes virtual assistants, security systems, intelligent devices and beyond.

Wearable Devices

We create best-in-class software for various wearable devices, be it smart watches, Bluetooth devices, performance, activity trackers and beyond. All these devices help you enable seamless and convenient user-to-device interactions.

Secure Ecosystem-Centric Solutions For The Right Planning And Implementation Of Your IoT Program

The scope of our IoT-centric solutions and services extend beyond mainstream IoT platforms. We offer off-the-shelf capabilities, acceleration suites and solution frameworks that allow robust development, design, deployment and production version application innovation.

IoTize Assets

We enable you to IoTize assets and empower devices to sense, interconnect, communicate, network, generate information and establish secure communications between the Cloud and devices.

IoT Data Platform

We enable faster, reliable and secure data ingestion, organization, management and syndication. Our experts allow multi-tenant analytics and application platforms and also leverage exploratory data science.

Apps and Analytics

We enable customer-defined micro-service and applications. We also facilitate enterprise integration and enable predictive or analytical models to produce or generate accurate business insights.

DPS Robust IoT Solutions—A Digital Frontier
To Counter All Digital Disruptions

Process Development

Needs Accumulation And Business Analysis

We gather data requirements and develop a complete case through comprehensive business analysis.

Prototype Design Or Modification

Keeping the business case in mind, we design a prototype and modify it according to finalized user requirements and project scope.

Software Development And Testing

We instantly jump into the software development and testing phase to check the project feasibility and its development, deployment and implementation potential results.

Prototype Validation And Testing

Now software prototype goes into the pipeline and its performance is measured using performance evaluation metrics.

Preparing For Production

When all aspects of the final IoT product are measured and evaluated, then the project execution strategy is formulated and development begins.


Once hardware-centric aspects are accounted for, we ensure end-to-end integration, from integrating diverse IoT assets with different departments, stages, functionalities in the product lifecycle to system integration to create highly-functional sync between all the elements of hardware, software and beyond.

DPS Support Enterprises And Businesses With IoT Initiatives With:


Customized Web And Mobile App Development (dashboard, visualizing)


Data Warehouse Design and Engineering


Data Analytics Implementation


Firmware Engineering


API Design and Provisioning


Network Engineering, Deployment And Implementation


Device and Network Security Testing


Application, Or Software Launch

A One-Stop Technology Partner For Cutting-Edge
Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

DPS Industry-Specific Uses Cases Across Industries


Our IoT application development experts develop and deploy IoT-enabled applications, software, solutions that enable effective logistics management and greater transportation efficiency and performance. We provide optimized IoT solutions for the logistics industry, including but not limited to, real-time monitoring and fleet management, route optimization, surveillance, security and safety and beyond.

Smart Home And Workplace

We automate your workplaces and homes and change the way you live your lives. We provide state-of-the-art smart home and workplace development services to enhance your quality of life and experience. We provide optimized IoT solutions for this industry, including but not limited to managing home/workplace appliances, measuring home/workplace conditions, controlling home/workplace access and organizing everything in your home or workplace smartly and efficiently.


We provide robust IoT-led applications and solutions for the manufacturing industry. We develop manufacturing-centric IoT apps built to perform and help facilitate the natural flow of activities in the manufacturing plant, facility, or assembly line. Our roust solutions can easily manage warehouse and inventories and also thoroughly monitor development cycles. We provide optimized IoT solutions for the manufacturing industry, including but not limited to quality control, packaging optimizing, output control, production flow monitoring and more.


We develop retail-driven IoT applications and software for companies looking to expand business opportunities, analyze customer behavior and purchase patterns and provide a best-in-class in-store shopping experience, ultimately generating new revenue streams and boosting overall revenues. We provide optimized IoT solutions for the retail industry, including but not limited to better inventory traceability, automated inventory management, better customer experience and more.


We also provide scalable, reliable and robust IoT systems for the agriculture industry and agriculturists looking to monitor and evaluate their crop and field conditions and season-end yields in real-time. We provide optimized IoT solutions for the agriculture industry, including but not limited to crop management, greenhouse automation, monitoring of climate and environment conditions and more.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

We provide best-in-class healthcare IoT solutions to help healthcare providers deliver better value to patients, make a remote analysis of their evolving conditions, maintain patient records for future reference and manage patient care experience through IoT devices. We provide optimized IoT solutions for the healthcare industry, including but not limited to patient data assortment and analysis, patient record upkeep, tracking and control alerts management, reporting, monitoring and evaluation and more.

Navigate The Incoming Digital Storm With State-Of-The-Art Custom-Designed Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

IoT Tools And Technologies Expertise

DPS is a partner with SoftwareAG and uses their IoT platform known as Cumolocity. We use a suite of cutting-edge tools, technologies, protocols to create highly-functional and optimized IoT solutions. We know how to put our IoT technology expertise to use as we have an expert team with diverse technology backgrounds.

IoT Platform



Google Cloud


Azure IoT Hub

Sensor And Hardware



OBD devices

Miniature Boards

Raspberry Pi

Eddystone Beacons










Protocols And Standards











Use The Internet of Things (IoT) For Accelerated Business Outcomes

Software Development

IoT Platform

Help connect IoT-led Devices To The Internet






Push Notifications


Custom Protocols design






BT5.0 / BLE


Embedded Linux Experience



Ubuntu (aarch64)

Industrial Networking







Industrial Ethernet




Industrial Networking