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Mobile Van Sales Solution – MVSS

MVSS – An Effective Sales Solution

Mobile Van Sales Solution is a custom-designed application for the sales market facilitating sellers to manage their vehicles, quote customers and pull up inventory. It provides a complete view of a seller’s entire inventory while seamlessly syncing new sales data with current listings in real-time. A step ahead of the traditional mobile vehicle application systems, MVSS makes it easy to generate invoices, returns, daily sales reports, record secondary sales data, and print reports all from mobile devices. 

A complete sales & distribution solution that helps you cut admin costs and simplify your sales process.

How it Works?

Maximize your business revenue by digitizing your mobile inventory.

Top Features

Barcode Scanning

History Checking

Placing Sales Return

Real-Time Invoice Printing

Multi-Language Support

Daily Sales Reports/Sales Summary

Stock Updates

In-App Messaging

In-App Tracking

Secondary Sales Record

Cloud-Based Data Synchronization

Tasks Scheduler

Plans Route/Journey

Takes Photos

Mobile Van Sales Solution is a one-stop shop for all mobile inventory needs – manage your sales force with the push of a button.

Main Benefits of MVSS

Deliver Faster, Amplify Sales

Keep your sales flowing smoothly throughout the day with our in-app contact management and proof of delivery. Keep track of all your stocks and get a clear picture of the day’s progress.

Digitize Your Business

Forget paperwork and ship your customers a receipt on-demand. All you need is your mobile phone to generate, record, and print invoices. Stop managing post-sales paperwork and save hours each day.

Save Time, Money & Resources

Put all your sales data right in the palm of your hand – without having to rely on KPIs or spreadsheets. Reduce the time spent on data entry with our real-time integration. It’s fast, easy to use, and designed to work seamlessly in any van.

Real-Time ERP Integration

Mobile Van Sales Solution ensures high quality by incorporating extensive Quality Assurance and following the Principles Development Guidelines. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with these ERP systems.