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Oons – Loyalty App

Oons, anywhere anytime!

Oons is a smartphone application to help bank customers avail exclusive discounts and privileges on their credit cards. Special deals are frequently offered based on user preferences, interests, and location. It’s a prominent part of the Oonsworld loyalty platform that allows wide-ranging banks to engage their customers by offering discounts on certain services.

Loyalty is an attitude that leads a customer to consistently repurchase, increase spending and recommend your brand!

Key Features

Reach out to Customers

You can even reach out to customers not in your store Win back visitors you haven’t seen in 30, 60 or 90 days Send location Based Discount Notifications on mobile phones


You are not limited to select a predefined discount category, with the Loyalty App you are free to define your own discount category now

An Easier to Use Interface

Easy for even “layman” users. A clear, concise and responsive interface enables you to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently

Multi-Location Loyalty

Create a loyalty program for multiple stores or businesses. Set up custom loyalty programs for each location or branch of the business

Multi-Language Support

The application supports English and Arabic, can change language based on your business requirement

Customized Promotions and Offers

Customize your own discount campaigns send special one-time discount offers for special dates like New Year, Eid, and Ramadan to your customers

Customer Analytics

Using customer analytics of purchases and visits, Loyalty can help you build a robust clientele for your business

Track Purchases and Rewards

Track the customer behaviour and keep the history of purchases and discounts maximum

Personalized Notifications

Reach out with personalized messages and notifications based on customer profile and history,


Improved user engagement and interaction

Diversify the customers base

Generate more revenue

Drive increased sales

Improve Net Promoter Score