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Contactless Attendance System

Machine Learning-based system which utilizes Facial recognition to mark users’ attendance. Android application is used to record the user’s entry and exit timestamps by scanning users facial features. The software identifies a person’s face and records attendance in the system in less than a second.
Contactless Attendance System is a Machine Learning based system which utilizes Facial Recognition to mark attendance. The System consists of an Android Application and a Web Interface.

The Android app is used to record the time stamps of entry or exit for a registered user. The user just has to scan their face on the Android device without touching or interacting the device. The System then uses the time stamps to record the working hours and marks the attendance for respective user.

The Web-Interface facilitates and provides ease to the Admin to record and display the reports like, Attendance, Recorded Working Hours, etc. The Web-Interface also allows users to track their working hours, manage leaves, details about public holidays, and etc.


  • Contactless Attendance Marking
  • Track Working Hours
  • Track Arrival Times
  • Efficient Leave Management