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Payment Processor Application

Key offering

  • Payment Processor Application
  • Payment Control Application
  • Auto Agent (Service – to automate failed orders , recovery, and provisioning)
  • Auto Payments (Automatic Payments processing)

Payment Processor Application

We developed a central payment processor application for handling and controlling payments across multiple channels. Our exclusive all-in-one application ensured performance increase in payments processing due to lightweight application structure (30-40%) and also reduced time in maintenance significantly.

Few points on the objective client wanted to achieve

  • Central Payment Processing for multiple channels.
  1. The channels are
    1. Smart Pay (An independent lightweight Application for Quick Payments, TopUp)
    2. Reconnect (An application to reconnect to the network, only available for data disconnected subscribers) 
    3. Website (Single Payment, Contrat Level Payments, Recharge) 
    4. STS (Payment on behalf of Users – through Outbound and Inbound channel) 
    5. ZOS (Online Store – Upfront Payments for Selected Products) 
  •  Central Payment Controls 
  1. Enable Disable Payment Gateway i.e. Debit, Credit, Wallet
  2. Enable Disable Auto Payment 
  3. Enable Disable Payment for Specific Service, Specific Channel
  4. Blacklist Management based on Subscriber

Key solution elements (business functions)

  1. Payment Processor Application (Web App –  J2EE Application)  [Business Function : Payment Integration]
  2. Payment Control Application (Web App – Admin Application)  [Business Function : Payment Control]
  3. Auto Agent (Service – to automate failed orders , recovery, and provisioning)  [Business Function : Payment Recoveries]
  4. Auto Payments (Automatic Payments processing)  [Business Function : Automatic Payments – Scheduled Jobs]

Key benefits achieved through this solution (qualitative)

  • Performance increase in Payments Processing due to Lightweight application structure (30-40%) 
  • Reduce Time in Maintenance – No need to change at multiple places for any new change/bug / defect. (Almost 80%) i.e. before that, we had payment integration for each application, any change or fix we had to deploy almost at 8 applications. Now only 1 
  • Central Payment Logging and Troubleshooting is available

Any KPIs / measures that could quantify the benefits (quantitative)

  1. All Channels used this gateway, however, this telecom company has shifted to new OMNI Payment developed for Mobile App.
  2. Increase in Payment Transactions (20%) (based on numbers prior to this solution and after that)
  3. Decrease time in Maintenance (80%)
  4. Ease in Payment Module Control (Enable / Disable) reduced from number of days to number of minutes (Enable / Disable) only.
The utilization of OMNI Pay application, we extracted.
We extracted the Use of this from the date it was built and available to all channels.