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Smart Document Validation Process – RPA

Key offerning

  • Intelligent automation
  • Arabic document processing
  • Deep Learning model for object detection

Smart Document Validation Process System

The automated document validation process is sophisticatedly designed using cutting-edge technologies such as RPA, SDP, OCR to give semi-government sector an edge over Arabic document processing, intelligent automation, deep learning model for object detection.

Few points on the objective client wanted to achieve

  • Automate the Consent Form validation process.
  • Validation process will attempt identifying all the documents (content forms) that are not valid based on the absence of mandatory data elements which includes, Customer civil ID, customer signature, bank signature, and bank stamp.

Key solution elements (business functions)

  • Robot will login into the Portal & navigate to Manage Consent page.
  • Robot will search and download all the forms submitted one week ago.
  • Multiple Robots will validate the consent forms based on the fields described below.
  • Robot will mark its comments on an excel file.
  • A human will review the robot comments in excel file and mark the comments as approved/disapproved.
  • Robot will then enter the approved comments in the feedback section of the portal.

Key benefits achieved through this solution (qualitative)

  • Effective Use Of Staff Resources

  • Improved Analytics For Workflow Management

  • Improved Scalability

Any KPIs / measures that could quantify the benefits (quantitative)

  • Approximately 1000 consent forms are processed on daily basis
  • More Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Enhancing the Operational efficiency by 70%

Illustration of RPA deployment with openCV: