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SMS Application Builder (MessageX)

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Few points on the objective client wanted to achieve

There was already a system developed in PHP-MySQL with limitation they needed to overcome, so the Objective was to have a product without those limitations, Major limitations were:-
1. The Application was not Scalable, so any change required development from time to time (even changing a process).
2. Every Service / Command required a separate DB Schema in My-SQL)
3. Number of Services and Short Code each was limited to a number of DB Schemas.
4. Their respective management was a tedious task. 
5. Maintenance and Support was a huge concern. 

Key solution elements (business functions)

DPS Proposed the solution with the feature to transform the processes as configurable entities, using single DB and Java Application.
Major Business Functions for the solutions are: 

Medical Service Provider- For claim submission.


Claim Department – For Claim review and approval function.


Policy Holder – To Check and see limits.


Rule Engine – To support auto Approval/Rejection of claims based on Knowledge Base.


Administration – For services mapping and configurations.

Key benefits achieved through this solution (qualitative)


A Single Platform (Complete Platform) to build Process, Integrate, Debug and Execute Processes.


No Development required for any change* in Process for Integration or Workflow.


The Platform used for customized Workflow for Information Services (related to Mobile services), Services Activation /Deactivation, Billing Information, Balance Transfers, etc.


Multiple Interfaces (Admin, Customer Care, User - through SMS Gateway) - give them ease in maintenance of the whole system.


Import / Export and Versioning provided them quick replication of variants of the same code with minimal change in the process.

Any KPIs/measures that could quantify the benefits (quantitative)

KPIs and numbers achieved were through the introduction of multiple nodes (8 nodes), I will be able to share the exact numbers by EOD today.
1. Number of Transactions and Short Codes being handled by System.
2. Number or Errors / Crashes happen in existing system. 
Although the second dimension can be ignored, the first one has a big difference.

Old Solution

Message X

Times Increase

Number of Short Codes




Number of Transactions / Day

15K to 20K



Errors / Day

4K to 5K

4K to 5K


The Graph shows, the usage was declining until we entered in Corona era, it had spike, then went down.

With the introduction of WhatsApp Business Integration, the usage is declining in a continuous way.