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Any hiring manager or human resources officer will break it to you that during the extremely volatile labor market, hybrid work models, upskilling, or even “work from anywhere” is important to retain and attract top talent. To face the fiercely competitive market ecosystem, smart corporate establishments are required to rethink their human resources with attract-and-retain policies. At DPS, we believe the “anywhere operations” technology trend has significant disruptive potential and will therefore set the stage for business model innovation.

We do not doubt as time goes on, many businesses will combine virtual and physical working environments which will therefore lead to increased workforce productivity and customer reach.

“Anywhere operations” creates a decentralized enterprise, supporting improved resiliency and access to a wider talent pool. This means companies can operate at the same scale and effectiveness across a myriad of roles and responsibilities, regardless of geographical location. In essence, it supports the deployment of business services across a distributed infrastructure.

These affairs are becoming more pivotal for a company’s financial output and reputation. Moreover, proactively adopting the “anywhere operations” needs to be scrutinized by several stakeholders – clients, customers, rating agencies, investors, and employees to ensure the correct solution is implemented relative to that business model.

Having worked with clients to integrate an “anywhere model,” we have found that several organizations rely so heavily on the use of mobile phones, as it offers employees greater flexibility, enhances workflows, improves communications, and assists workers to be more efficient and productive. Your customers who work remotely or on the road need secure access to corporate resources and applications to be productive.

In our opinion, the key is to maintain security and provide fast application performance for users and give them a simple but engaging user experience. Mobile devices in business also provide organizations with a competitive edge, as faster and more collaborative communications enable companies to make faster decisions.

On top of this, today, machine learning is allowing business establishments to optimize their processes and top-line growth by improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Among many other applications, the business now harnesses the power of sophisticated AI tools to measure brand exposure, automate finance, hire a talented workforce, and improve customer retention and loyalty. Now, it is no longer about deciding whether managers should scrutinize AI adoption, but how quickly they can adopt it. Likewise, top-tier management should also be considerate enough to determine how AI can power business operations and the pros and cons of this large-scale adoption.

By automating workflows, transactions or approvals, companies can accelerate processes while freeing human capital and therefore support the “anywhere operations.” When partnering with DPS, we create exceptional experiences for your audience with comprehensive toolsets that enable IT to focus on driving value through features and solutions. We will ensure your technology will evolve with your strategy. Here are just some of the solutions we can support you with:

  • Built-in Disaster Recovery
  • Auto Scaling
  • SSD
  • Multi-AZ Database Instance
  • Cross-Region Disaster Recovery
  • Zero Downtime Deployments
  • Application Management
  • Increased Employee Availability
  • Global Growth
  • Enhanced Portability
  • Mobile Integrations

Do you see your business needs any of the above solutions? Answering these questions will help you understand the developments associated with a particular investment into the solution, and the expectations to yield your desired results. As the virtual office becomes more common, new technologies are emerging to assist distant collaboration and communication. We are proud to say we have the unique ability to offer a wide range of integrations. We are here to support you to make complex processes convenient.

DPS provides services such as Liferay digital transformation and messaging that make it simple to connect third-party applications and legacy systems to create more productive experiences. Are you ready to accelerate your digital transformation? We can assist you in enabling:

  • Increased Employee Availability
  • Global Growth
  • Enhanced Portability
  • Mobile Integrations

Not sure where to begin? Let us know your needs, and we’ll help you build the right digital solution for your company.