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As AI becomes more sophisticated, so have the decision-makers and users within enterprises. You would not be the only one who wants to leave a better legacy to your customers, whether that be through the implementation of Process Automation, Customer Experience, the use of Blockchain, Cloud Base or Open Source technology. To future proof your customer experience strategy, Digital Processing Systems (DPS) ensures there is a unique emphasis on developing compatible solutions for clients—compatible not only in terms of technology but in terms of corporate culture as well.  We believe digital integration is essential to the growth and scaling of your business and deliver consistently high-quality services that support happier, long term customers with the help of Customer Experience through Liferay Digital Experience Platform DXB. One such methodology we integrate is process automation – And as we have seen with our clients, it positively impacts cost containing and reductions, along with operational streamlining and efficiency.  By simply integrating DPS skills in RPA (other vendors i.e BluePrism) with Liferay systems,  automation of repetitive tasks are initiated immediately reducing time allocation of unnecessary misplaced efforts. DPS has discovered that the most beneficial aspect of implementing process automation is reliability. Automated operations ensure that tasks are not forgotten or executed out of order, that prerequisite jobs are completed on time, that input data is accurate, and that any specific processing is carried out. In parallel, DPS Is The MVP Of Blockchain-Led Digital Transformation. As organizations strive for a hybrid cloud and cloud-native application as part of their digital transformation, they will no doubt have to decide if and where blockchain should be integrated. Such decisions can be tough, however, we have decided to focus our blockchain efforts on those services that are centred on decreasing operations costs, reducing overheads, enabling peer-to-peer capabilities, easing tracking and verifying transactions. Both DPS and Liferay value innovation and security, which is why our enterprise clients use open-source software. Did you know that the true total cost of ownership is far less than software from proprietary vendors? Moreover, we have implemented this approach to ensure our clients succeed in making ground in the marketplace and are one step ahead of their competitors!