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Government/Public Sector Industry

Fast-track your public sector transformation journey and develop robust public sector technology solutions using agile methodologies to outsmart your public sector challenges while reducing taxes and budgets. See how Digital Processing Systems lead your public sector digital transformation journey for accelerated community outcomes.



Building an agile government culture and bringing automation and efficiency in work culture, service delivery through innovative public sector technology solutions and services is the need of the hour. Today, private entities and businesses are no longer the only contenders for bringing digital change in their mainstream business operations. The government sector is also anxiously moving towards a digital future for creating powerful, connected and data-powered community experiences. We help you cope with ever-intensifying transformational change, especially after COVID-19 crisis that has shaken everything to the core. We build and deploy state-of-the-art public sector technology and IT solutions using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to help you win the new age digital, data and service delivery race.

Latest Challenges And Trends In The Government/Public Sector Industry

Post COVID-19 crisis has driven a paradigm shift in almost all industries and digital sectors. The government or public sector is no exception. In the time of high-scale trepidations, public sector agencies and government organizations face a multitude of market-driven, community-led challenges and pressures to maintain public services while reducing taxes, budgets and overhead costs.

Govtech Solutions And Value Proposition

DPS is the industry-leading technology, consulting, solution provider for the government sector agencies, enabling you to implement the right digital, data and govtech strategies for the right business or community purpose. We deliver end-to-end technology, services and solutions for the public sector, helping them generate new revenue streams, improve profitability, increase productivity, enhance efficiencies.

Strategic Technology Solutions And Practical Public Sector Consulting To Emerge Stronger And More Resilient From Post COVID-19 Crisis

Our Services And Solutions

We provide high-performing, robust and scalable govtech services and solutions to modern government agencies across all public sector verticals and domains. We have helped several leading government entities, public-interest-focused service providers and public-led digital sectors digitally transform and automate their service delivery channels and enhance their community experiences to serve the public effectively.

We help you implement ideas, turn vision into innovative govtech solutions to meet complex public sector business challenges using our agile, end-to-end govtech data and software development platforms and technologies. We build feature-rich, full-fledged public service apps, systems, products, software solutions and IT support for the entire value chain across the public sector in quick turnaround time without breaking your bank.

Government IT Support And Consulting Services

Program And Project Management

Our long-lasting experience in program and project management help guides us through effective planning, program and project management and control. Our certified program managers and highly experienced project managers help government agencies to identify public service delivery bottlenecks. We plan, deliver and support high-grade IT services based on industry-specific best methodologies that align agency overall mission and objectives.

Strategic IT Consulting Services

Whether you need budgeting for the upcoming fiscal year or need assistance with the IT strategy or require a comprehensive government IT support, we have everything covered. We provide innovative, problem-centric strategic IT consulting services across all public sector IT verticals and help you leverage technology trends with absolute dominance and integrity. We provide a picture-perfect roadmap to upgrade your technology and have resources and experience to help you lead your agency forward.

24/7 Service Desk Support

Government agencies and organizations require top-level technical support and assistance to serve the public better. Otherwise, they can risk compromising their public interests. We provide top-notch 24/7 service desk support to keep your network up and running optimally, without any distortions and downtime. Our certified, highly skilled and experienced IT engineers can help you optimize your staff’s productivity and network while minimizing your IT maintenance costs.

Virtualization Services

Virtualization is the best way to control escalating IT costs. It enables public sector organizations and government agencies to streamline and optimize network infrastructure, control costs and maintain information security with ease, speed and scale. We help virtualize your public sector or government IT ecosystem with integrity.

Staff Augmentation

We provide a cost-effective and more efficient way to get the resources your public sector agency needs. Our excellence in staff augmentation extends beyond saving expense and time associated with screening, sourcing, hiring, onboarding and training an in-house resource. We help government agencies with top-class technical resources to help them optimize their overall IT landscape.

Geographical Government IT services And Help Desk Support

We provide remote help desk support and government IT services to help solve your agency’s IT challenges with absolute urgency. We provide robust help desk support services where you can raise a ticket to get your issues and problems solved right away. Our government-level IT services help identify areas where your system bottlenecks and breakdowns are likely to occur and we instantly fix any uncompromising situation.

Shaping New Business Opportunities And Augmented Community Experiences For The Public Sector

Why Should You Choose DPS For Government/Public Services Sector?


High-level experience and expertise in multiple lines of Govtech agencies covering all areas and aspects of the public sector needs.


Dedicated team ready to deliver top-notch govtech consulting, services and solutions for government agencies and public sector organizations.


Robust program and project delivery within a stipulated time at affordable prices.


Global presence with resource availability worldwide for ideal execution of public sector projects.


Delivery of 100+ public sector projects globally, 50+ recurring government customers.


15+ years of experience in delivering robust govtech technology services and solutions.


Strong footprint and excellence in agile technologies for creating end-to-end community-centric, public sector govtech solutions.


Robust capabilities in cutting-edge technologies—AI, ML, RPA, Advanced Analytics, IoT, DS, custom govtech apps and solutions.


100% money-back guarantee.


Complete confidentiality.

Key Differentiators And Capabilities

Citizen Engagement

Public sector executives and government agencies are under increasing pressure to deliver innovative, personalized and connected customer experiences their citizens expect from them, just like the private sector. Our lasting experience in providing superior govtech solutions for government agencies has taught us to sort out innovative ways to empower public sector agency workforces and improve citizen experience at par and beyond.

Driving Accessibility

Data can be a lethal weapon to fuel advanced decision-making in government agencies. We work with public sector organizations and government agencies to apply process improvements, innovative technologies, data science techniques and data analytics to drive and enhance accessibility across public safety and interests.

Modernizing IT

The first step towards a dynamic and digitally connected Government sector culture is always as daunting. Embracing change and modernizing existing IT infrastructure and portfolio is often discouraged by people from within who are change-resistant. We help public sector organizations to embrace change and modernize their IT ecosystem for accelerated community outcomes. We provide state-of-the-art, end-to-end IT solutions with speed and agility that evolving digital governments require.

Be A Part Of The Digital Revolution And Change The Way You Lead Your Digital Transformation Journeys

Advanced Technologies

At DPS, we deliver state-of-the-art digital transformation successes through the smart implementation of advanced technologies and govtech solutions to future-proof your community service delivery. We revamp your legacy government systems and drive government sector agencies forward with RPA, AI, ML, IoT, Digital Experience and Advanced Analytics.

Development Services

DPS Technology Capabilities For Government/Public Services Sector

Our success mantra at Digital Processing System is simple: build highly functional, performance-oriented, user-friendly govtech software and solutions using agile technologies to meet complex real-world evolving community challenges and work in the best interests of the general public. Our software engineering, development and digital consultancy expertise for government sector organizations can streamline your government operations, workflows, processes and create an efficient and community-centric environment that works in the community’s best interests.

At DPS, we also help improve customer experience with secure, scalable and cost-effective government-sector technology solutions to get you digitally mature. Our technology experts help modernize your legacy systems and provide people and communities with market-ready govTech solutions to outperform growing digital disruptions.

Personalized Solutions For Government/Public Services Sector

We develop personalized govtech systems and solutions and tailor them as per agency needs and requirements. Our absolute focus is on delivering personalized value to our customers and providing end-to-end assistance in selecting the right government IT solution and plan.

Analytics And Reporting For Government/Public Services Sector

We apply advanced analytics, data science insights and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to nurture and cultivate a data-driven government or public sector culture, making data a backbone of any business decision.

Fraud Prevention Software And Apps Government/Public Services Sector

We build state-of-the-art fraud prevention software solutions powered by neural networks that ensure timely detection of frauds and identify suspicious patterns and behavior from large data sets. This helps us discover and identify anomalies at the early stages of communication with a potential fraudster or deceiver. We design a secure, scalable and fraud-free framework by utilizing advanced analytics and automation techniques and methodologies to maximize and exploit fraud prevention barriers.

Automation Tools For Government/Public Services Sector

We use advanced Business intelligence (BI) and automation tools and deploy all-inclusive systems for automated document management and government sector processes. Our long-lasting expertise in advanced technologies and business automation tools empowers us to create the highly personalized and community-focused govtech solutions of tomorrow.

Custom Software Solution For Government/Public Services Sector

We create top-notch custom govetech software solutions using agile practices to streamline and automate your community-help workflows and processes and keep pace with the evolving market. We engineer govtech solutions with complex architecture to perfection, regardless of the complexity. Using our development wisdom, we keep up with your product roadmap and meet the highest quality requirements to create state-of-the-art custom-built software products for the government/public services sector.

Mobile/Web Solutions For Government/Public Services Sector

We offer a seamless omnichannel experience across diverse digital channels and touchpoints through highly interactive, responsive interfaces and user accounts. We create end-to-end mobile/web software solutions for government agencies to optimize their community services and day-to-day workflows and processes.

UX/UI For Government/Public Services Sector

We deliver visually pleasing and interactive UI designs for a comprehensible experience. Our UI/UX designers are well-versed in the diverse field of design techniques as we provide optimized best-in-class user experience across all digital channels and user touchpoints.

Integration Services For Government/Public Services Sector

We collaborate with you to execute scalable, flexible and sustainable integration competencies. Our robust integration services allow your apps in the cloud, legacy applications and on-premises to communicate with one another effectively. From configuring to management, we have got you covered.

Migration Services For Government/Public Services Sector

Before performing legacy solution migration, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to figure out migration limitations to the cloud or newer systems and develop a migration plan accordingly. Our robust migration procedures allow quick migration of applications, workflows and infrastructures while ensuring inclusive data and system integrity. We help you migrate your legacy systems with ease, flexibility and scalability, regardless of the complexity.

Security Solutions For Government/Public Services Sector

We thoroughly evaluate your corporate specifics, government-centric industry regulations, legal agreements, policies and use best practices to ensure optimal security for citizens across the entire value chain. We provide safe, secure and scalable govtech solutions, keeping in mind data and financial operations to prevent risks and avoid conflicts with customers, regulatory bodies and stakeholders.

Tax, Treasury And Customs Solutions For Government/Public Services Sector

We provide transparent, secure, scalable and responsible financial management solutions to alleviate public confidence. The scope of our digital and compliance solutions for the government/public sector extends beyond tax, treasury and customs.