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Automated Order Closing Process

Key offering

  • Online self-service portal
  • Multiple document/certificate request, approval, and issuance process

Digital Citizen Services

An all-inclusive, fully automated online self-service portal for citizens/community members to get personalized access to multiple document/certificate requests, approval and issuance process and more.

Few points on the objective client wanted to achieve

  • The system allows Government Organizations, Companies, Institutes, and Individuals entities to request and receive different types of Tax Certificates online, by submitting the online application.
  • Allowing the above entities to submit registration and update information requests to the Ministry of Finance Kuwait.
  • Issuance of Different Types of Tax Certificates Online with QR Code.
  • Notify users upon submission and approval of the application via email and SMS.
  • Integration with MOF KITAS (Kuwait Integrated Tax Administration System) through RPA.
  • Implementation of Workflow for approval and rejection process of Application Request.
  • The certificate can be digitally signed by the MOF Authorized User.

    Key solution elements (business functions)

    • Users Subscription.
    • Government Organizations, Companies, Institutes, and Individuals New and Update Registration.
    • Certificate Request Management.
    • Request Validation through RPA.
    • Certificate Issuance.
    • User and Roles Management.
    • Integration with KITAS through RPA.
    • Notifications
    • View Application Request History and linked requests.
    • Audit Trails.

    Key benefits achieved through this solution (qualitative)

    • The system allows a secure way for the entities to update registration and get certificates online without visiting MOF premises.
    • The system allows the user to get notified about the status of their online application
    • The system allows the users to check the status of the application requests.
    • The system allows the MOF employees to review and approve application requests.
    • The system provides an ease to the MOF Employees by updating the approved application data into the KITAS system by RPA.
    • The system provides Arabic and English user interface for public users to submit applications.
    • A responsive web interface allows mobile end users to easily use application
    • The detailed User guide is available for the users.

    Any KPIs / measures that could quantify the benefits (quantitative)

    • Each year more than 10 thousand requests are processed by the system.
    • Each year more than 6 thousand certificates have been issued by the system.
    • Each year more than 40 thousand notifications have been sent by the system.