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Containerized Data-Center

DPS offers best-in-class containerized data-center consultancy and support services and solutions to solve growing business complexities with the growing capabilities of the digital sector.

Containerized Data-Center

A ‘containerized data-center’ is a standard shipping container established and carefully organized to accommodate IT equipment. The container may be configured, programmed and fabricated with all the essential components used in the data center, including but not limited to cooling, power, storage devices, servers, networking gears and racks. The containerized data center is the need of the hour, especially for those organizations and business establishments that have evolving data-center needs and want to improve their service delivery, maximize efficiency, reduce power consumption and decrease escalating IT costs.

DPS helps you successfully cope with growing digital data-center focused needs and build IT solutions that will transform and accelerate your business to meet and manage disruption in today’s digital age. We strive to help you gauge your IT mix, determine your data center requirements and craft a best-of-breed data center strategy that will work best for you under all digital environments and scenarios. We create an effective execution plan and blueprints for your next-gen datacenters based on precise data center needs and proven designs that promote scalability, flexibility, agility and modularity.

Breakout Of Conventional Data Centers And Transform To Modular-Based Data Center Facilities For Achieving Higher Flexibility, Efficiency And Cost Containment

Containerized Data-Center Benefits

A data center facility aims to centralize the company’s IT operations and technical equipment to accumulate, store, process, handle and disseminate data and applications. Having a robust data center can ensure the continuity of the business’s daily operations and solve complex business challenges, regardless of the complexity. Traditional data centers have evolved and have now been replaced by modern data center infrastructures, from in-house physical servers to cloud-based virtualized infrastructure that supports workloads, data and applications across a multi-cloud environment.

The benefits of having a containerized datacenter for all or part of your data center needs stretch beyond rapid deployment, freeing up space to be designed to be energy-efficient. We create an energy-saving, stable and reliable power environment to meet your data center goals and strategic objectives. Our containerized data center services and solutions can be applied to wide-ranging scenarios and industries such as smart cities, enterprises, financial institutions, production/surveys, universities/research institutes, carriers, ports/railway transportation/airports.

Fast Deployment

Fast deployment is one of the primary benefits of having a containerized datacenter. A traditional data center may take up to 20 to 30 months to build. We provide a highly-flexible, scalable containerized data center with a fully modularized design concept that may take only a few weeks or a couple of months to be built and deployed to meet the rapidly evolving IT needs.

Highly-Stable, Reliable, Integrated

A containerized data center has a fully configured, pretested and prefabricated architecture, allowing high portability for edge computing applications. It also contains a perfect blend of all sub-systems such as the battery, racks, cooling, power distribution, UPS, which are well-integrated.

Energy-Efficient Low PUE

A traditional brick-and-mortar data center has a power usage efficiency (PUE) of 1.7 to 2.0. On the other hand, a containerized data center delivers a PUE of 1.05 to 1.25, making it more energy-efficient, effective and powerful. It can ultimately help IT managers and project managers to maximize efficiency and reduce power consumption.

Flexible, Standards-Based Solutions

A containerized data center provides an easy, flexible, faster route to expanding, complementing and even replacing brick and mortar data centers. It can help you significantly reduce capital as well as operating expenditures.

Comprehensive And Flexible Manageability

DPS provides a state-of-the-art containerized data center management and monitoring solution, including but not limited to capacity management, energy, power, assets, security, work orders.

Bring Your Data Centers To Life Through Data Center Facilities Design And Implementation

Service Offerings

At DPS, we help you break out of traditional data centers because they don’t deliver in today’s IT-intensive digital world. Moving to more agile and modular-based data facilities will improve your service delivery and help you achieve higher flexibility levels while ensuring cost containment. We help you design, manage and operate data centers to optimize data center efficiency, reliability and performance. Our highly experienced team of data center professionals will work with you to solve complex IT challenges and ensure that your data center is efficient, responsive, stable and reliable.

Consultancy And Design

We provide comprehensive all-round data center consultancy and design services to help you comply with your evolving data center needs. At DPS, we bring your data centers to life, regardless of the complexity. We manage the entire process, from building and commissioning the facility to the energy-efficient design.

Data-Center Services

We provide comprehensive all-round data center consultancy and design services to help you comply with your evolving data center needs. At DPS, we bring your data centers to life, regardless of the complexity. We manage the entire process, from building and commissioning the facility to the energy-efficient design.

Critical Infrastructure

We have the critical infrastructure and datacenter specialists who understand growing IT and data center challenges. Our problem-solving temperament and attitude help us deliver high-value critical infrastructure and solutions.


We provide end-to-end data center installation to ensure maximum performance, vitality, energy efficiency and ROI.

Maintenance And Support

We provide proactive, consistent, best-of-breed data center maintenance and support services to minimize technical hitches and reduce the number of defects, enhancing service delivery quality.

Data Center Strategy Development

We create an effective IT strategy by assessing the capabilities of your IT operations, management frameworks, facilities infrastructure and thoroughly understand and evaluate the current and future state of IT and facilities requirements. We help you determine how many data centers you may require, how large they may be, where they should be located and what type they should be. We probe and walk you through your strategic options of building and owning the data center, whether it will be beneficial for you to outsource it or use a co-location service. We will lead your datacenter digital transformation journey the way you want it to be.