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DPSKW Celebrates Successful Redesign of Public Authority for Industry’s Website at GITEX 2023

Marking a Milestone in Collaborative Innovation!

DPS Kuwait (DPSKW) proudly commemorates a significant achievement at #GITEX 2023, celebrating the successful unveiling of the redesigned website for the esteemed client, the Public Authority for Industry (PAI). The event witnessed the joint celebration alongside Liferay and Majeed Al-Matrouk, Head of Operation & Technical Support at PAI.

Fueled by Liferay’s cutting-edge Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and implemented by DPS, stands as a pivotal achievement in PAI’s dedication to enhancing user experiences and providing hassle-free services. This forward-looking platform, deployed on the cloud, marks a significant milestone in PAI’s pursuit of improved digital interactions and service delivery.

“Our dedication to innovation and service excellence compels us to continuously enhance our digital offerings. Launching our redesigned website and online services, powered by Liferay’s DXP, marks a notable step in our capabilities. We aim to provide our valued stakeholders with a streamlined, user-friendly platform that offers convenience and security,” says Majeed Al-Matrouk.

The successful redesign of PAI’s website signifies DPSKW’s dedication to forging impactful partnerships and fostering digital growth. As DPSKW continues its journey of innovation, this achievement serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and client success.