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As a result of the Covid epidemic, DPS discovered the crucial need for an attendance system that could function effectively and efficiently without requiring any physical input. As a result, DPS utilized Machine Learning techniques to create a flawless Contactless Attendance System that would simply capture an image of the user in front of the camera and compare it to the records saved in the database to mark the user’s attendance.

Under the given circumstances, the Contactless Attendance System is impossible to overlook, as it substituted the existing biometric/physical attendance system with a contactless attendance system that allows the users to sign in and out handheld via facial recognition.

Thanks to the swift action taken by DPS we have successfully overcome another hurdle, to reduce the exposure of this disease by diminishing massive queues and gatherings next to the device, as the system has the ability to mark attendance for up to 3 people simultaneously.

What is the Contactless Attendance System(CLAS) and How Does it Work?

The exceptional feature of CLAS is to simplify, gear & digitalize the check-in and check-out process of all individuals. CLAS is an easy-to-use application that allows companies to mark the attendance of their employees/students all by following simple steps:

  1. To register an employee via 3 simple steps:
  2. Filling in the registration form
  3. Capturing multiple pictures of the employees from different angles.
  4. Storing these images in the database just by a click of a button.
  5. Once the user is registered you are all set to go. Now, whenever the user comes in front of the device at the entry/exit point their face will automatically get detected, compared with all the faces stored in the database & if their face is recognized with a face stored in the DB their attendance will get marked. This entire procedure will take a fraction of a second.

Benefits Of Contactless Attendance System

DPS Contactless Attendance System via Facial Recognition is an extraordinary software for any organization as it provides great leverage for its users. CLAS can:

  • Maintain accurate attendance of all the users
  • Provide health security to all its users as its core purpose is to reduce the exposure of this disease
  • CLAS can be readily integrated with your time and attendance system for ease of use.
  • When contagious illnesses like colds and viruses spread throughout the workforce, it can increase the number of employee absences and lower productivity significantly. Employees may enter and exit the facility in a fraction of the time with CLAS. To clock in or out, there is no need to touch the system’s surface. This saves time while also reducing the spread of infections through personal contact.